Architop floor by Lazenby

Architop Introduction

Architop is a blend of quartz sand, cement and binders. It is mixed with a polymer for minimal shrinkage. With an applied depth of just 2mm, it allows you to overcome the thickness and weight limits of traditional concrete, whilst maintaining its beauty and robustness. This makes Architop ideal for renovation projects where removing the existing flooring and pouring a polished concrete floor is not possible.

As Architop is not bound by the same properties as concrete, it also allows us to create large spaces free from any joints or seams.

Traditional concrete floors have not always been feasible for everyone due to the thickness required however now with Architop you can achieve the look and characteristics of a concrete floor at only a fraction of the depth.

Installation Process

To help give you an overview of our exciting new product we have produced a fantastic video showcasing our installation process.


Architop offers its own unique range of 7 colours each featuring a unique cloudy/mottling effect caused by the hand laid nature of laying a floor. Every project is hand crafted by our skilled master craftsmen to create a floor of unique beauty.

* Please note that Architop colours do not match the polished concrete colour range. As well as a variety of colours, we can also offer a variety of sealants to give either a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish. Samples are available upon request following production of a quotation.


Technical Information

  • Applied depth of just 2mm.
  • Fully bonded system typically applied over a concrete slab, cement board or self-levelling screed (see floor details below)
  • No expansion joints required. The only joints required are to mirror the joints in the sub floor.
  • Compressive strength of 38,67 N/mm²
  • 36 PTV slip rating achievable in the wet.
  • Suitable to be laid over cement board or screed. Not suitable to be laid over plywood.
  • Sub floor screed must have a strength of 25/35 Nm³

Why Choose Architop?

In renovation projects or listed buildings unfortunately it is not always possible to excavate the existing floor to gain the 100mm depth for a polished concrete floor. Architop provides a quick, easy solution with minimal floor preparation required and without the hassle of removing current floor.

With no requirement for large concrete wagons and pumps, Architop is perfectly suited to refurbishment projects with tight access and limited space. Particularly in London, it is not always logistically possible to pour a concrete slab. As Architop can be hand mixed on site with minimal materials it is possible to use on virtually any site no matter the logistics.

Unlike other micro concrete systems which are notorious for being soft, Architop is laid using same machinery as a concrete floor which gives it a firm, dense surface that is much more resistant to scratching. The hard-wearing nature makes Architop suitable for both residential and high traffic commercial or public spaces.

Architop floor installation example


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