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Lazenby work with concrete almost exclusively and is committed to ensuring that our concrete products are as sustainable as possible. We all do what we can to minimise our carbon footprint and to reduce the CO2 emitted in producing concrete.

The predominant raw material for the cement in concrete is limestone – the most abundant mineral on Earth. Lazenby make concrete using a significant proportion of recycled materials to reduce wastage. We also ensure that all of the materials we use are sourced from local suppliers to reduce the energy costs of transportation.

Concrete is a strong, highly durable material with an excellent thermal mass that lasts the lifetime of any project. As 80% of a building’s CO2 emissions come from electric utilities (heating, lighting and air conditioning), its impressive heat-retaining properties mean that it uses less energy in the long term than comparable building materials. At the end of a building’s lifespan, concrete can also be crushed and re-used as aggregate – thus completing a sustainable cycle.