We work almost exclusively with concrete and are committed to ensuring that every one of our concrete products is as sustainable as possible. This means doing whatever we can to minimise our carbon footprint, and to reduce the CO2 that concrete produces.

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Our committment

The predominant raw material in concrete is limestone, the most abundant mineral on Earth. As each concrete installation has an average lifespan of around 100 years, the initial carbon output of a concrete floor is dissipated by its incredible lifespan.
Concrete is also an extremely good conductor of heat and as 80% of a building’s CO2 emissions come from electric utilities (heating, lighting and air conditioning), its impressive heat-retaining properties mean that it uses less energy in the long term vs comparable building materials. At the end of a building’s lifespan, concrete can also be crushed and re-used as aggregate – thus completing a sustainable cycle.
Throughout our product range, all our products are sourced as locally to the project as possible, minimising the energy used in the transporting of materials.

Many projects that we have worked on have achieved the highest possible BREEAM rating. Lazenby operates an ISO 14001 policy to ensure that we are constantly monitoring our environmental impact and continually aiming to reduce our footprint.

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