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Water Splash at Clifton Park, Rotherham

Lazenby’s multi-coloured, external decorative concrete for Water Splash at Clifton Park, Rotherham. A free amenity with an acre of “fountains, features and fun”. From Lazenby’s hand-trowelled sea creatures to whole beach scenes. From inviting water-coloured splash areas to exotic floor fountains. From meandering paths around the park to the distinctive etched leaves. This project has it all; colour, textures, creativity, technical challenges and magnitude.

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Project detail

Lazenby’s technical know-how spans decades of experience and all started with Disneyland Paris in 1991. This project features 1800m² of using a variety of decorative concrete finishes including seeding aggregates, ecoblaster exposed aggregate achieving a slip resistance of >45PTV in the wet, . The paths are installed over steel reinforcement mesh and feature pebble dash abutting hand carved beach scene with sand-effect textures. The various coloured water areas are built around water recycling units embedded in the features. Each area required concrete to be poured over a DOP Type Sub-base.

The joint plans were structured into the creative design of each element. The attention to every detail is clear to see; the etched leaves were created by hand using a large scale template. The colouring process throughout was ‘stage managed’ to achieved to great creative effect. Lazenby is the undisputed Go-To company for decorative concrete.

Photography by Lazenby.

Project Owner
LDA (Peterborough)
Project Location
Water Splash at Clifton Park, Rotherham
Product Used
External Concrete
Visual / Textural Finish

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