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St Margarets Church

St Margarets Church was transformed into a thriving community centre with the help of our Iron Grey polished concrete flooring

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Project detail

St Margaret’s Community Church in Southsea, Portsmouth has been a hub for local activity and worship for a century. The Edwardian building has a 1950s frontage, and since it wasn’t listed it began to fall into decay as the tiny congregation dispersed over time. Just when it looked like it was doomed the diocese gave it a lifeline, recruiting an outreach team to understand what facilities local people needed and how they could be achieved on a minimal budget.

This led to architectural studio B.A.D. getting the call to begin reimagining the space, part of which was a brand new concrete floor supplied by Lazenby. It is now home to a food bank, a café, a second-hand clothes shop, a two-storey children’s soft-play and even a bicycle repair workshop.

Feedback from community members on the new space has been very positive, and we’re delighted to hear that the floor is an important element in making the space feel welcoming and warm.

“A polished-concrete heated floor powered by air-source heat pumps has transformed the look and feel of the interior; it became a pleasant place, good for just about any activity.” (words from Hugh Pearman)

What’s more, B.A.D. have been rewarded for their hard work by being shortlisted for the MacEwen Award, so congratulations to the B.A.D. team!

Project Owner
Studio B A D Architects
Project Location
Product Used
Lazenby Polished Concrete
Iron Grey
Visual / Textural Finish

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