Case Study

R7 Kings Cross, London

Lazenby’s iconic Pink polished concrete flooring and cast in situ steps. The design refurbishment of R7 is the work of Duggan Morris Architects and the Pink was their choice. Internally and externally the Pink is creating connection with Everyman cinema visitors, office workers, businesses and the general public.

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Project detail

Lazenby installed 1,300m² of polished concrete floors in total, on 10 floor levels with the iconic and bespoke Pink concrete on the ground floor. Kier were the main contractors and specified Lazenby to deliver a superior quality result. The ground floor features split levels which are seamlessly connected by two sets of cast in-situ steps. Each step was expertly set up and poured individually and creates a perfect colour match with the pink concrete floor. A recess was created in the front of the steps where a metal nosing was later inserted to help comply with building regulations.

R7 is a prime example of Lazenby working in collaboration with contractors, designers and project leaders to get the installation perfect. Polished concrete, by its very nature, is characterful, robust and unique; this makes it a perfect partner for virtually every project.

The colour was a key requirement for the designers because the building features Pink in abundance. Lazenby produced a range of bespoke samples and worked with the client to come up with this spectacular end result. Lazenby’s iconic polished concrete floors and surfaces are available in virtually any colour of your choice.

Photography by Jack Hobhouse.

Project Owner
Duggan Morris Architects
Project Location
Kings Cross, London
Product Used
Polished concrete flooring and staircases
Visual / Textural Finish

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