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Old Street, London

Lazenby’s Light Natural polished concrete floor, exquisitely installed between wooden inset strips, for the 300m² of resplendent reception area. The remaining 8 floor levels have 1000m² of Lazenby’s Basalt polished concrete floors.

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Project detail

Light Natural polished concrete was precision installed throughout the 300m² ground floor, at a depth of 100mm, over an existing slab. The floor was cast leaving recesses to allow the floor to be finished to the high Lazenby standard, without the worry of damaging the bespoke wooden inlays. Wood insets strips were added by the main contractor once the floor had been sealed and fully cured. Crack inducement joints were unnecessary because the wooden strips gave a natural joint.

Basalt polished concrete floors were installed on all 8 additional levels to a depth of 100mm. Engineers calculations ensured that the original 1960’s concrete structure would support the new floors. Joint plans gave an architectural streamline affect to each floor.

Photography by Rob Parrish.

Project Owner
Project Location
Old Street, East London
Product Used
Polished Concrete Flooring
Light Natural on ground floor and Basalt on 8 floor levels
Visual / Textural Finish

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