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Hammersmith, London

Lazenby’s Basalt Polished Concrete Floors and complementary Azure Grey Glass Fibre Concrete (GFC) Reception Desk adorn this new build commercial office block.

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Project detail

Lazenby’s Basalt Polished Concrete Floors complement an Azure Grey GFC Reception Desk. Basalt has been installed in 276m² on the ground floor and in 44m², on every level, for 10 lift lobbies throughout the building. Azure Grey pre-cast concrete tiles are in every lift and at the threshold of every lift throughout the building.

Lazenby’s Azure Grey GFC Reception Desk spans over 8m, with the front face cast in 4 separate pieces making a feature of the jointed panels. The GFC panels are all 20mm thick with a maximum panel size of 2 metres by 1 metre. Lazenby’s GFC panels are thinner, when compared to the normal maximum limitations of standard concrete; that of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres by 30mm, which makes them lighter and more manageable with no need for any steel reinforcement. The Reception Desk has an elegant 3mm shadow gap and is securely fixed to a purpose designed and built wooden frame.

Installation took 3 days per floor and the pre-cast GFC and pre-cast concrete elements took one week to install. Mobile vacuum lifting equipment was used to carefully lift the large GFC sections into place. The purpose built wooden frame was designed and pre-built to aid the pre-cast sections manufacture.

Project Owner
Flanagan Lawrence
Project Location
Hammersmith, London
Product Used
Polished Concrete Flooring, Pre-cast Concrete Tiles, Glass Fibre Concrete (GFC)
Basalt, Azure Grey
Visual / Textural Finish

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