Case Study

Esher, Surrey

Lazenby’s Cream Buff polished concrete floor in the kitchen, hall, boot room and utility room. Polished concrete was chosen for its architectural aesthetic, creating a unified and pleasing artistic statement; for its hard wearing qualities with children and pets and because it is easy to maintain.

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Project detail

Lazenby’s Cream Buff polished concrete floor, was installed 100mm deep over underfloor heating, throughout 89m² of the ground floor. The cylindrical underfloor cellar is a primary feature and required accuracy and master craftsmanship at installation to achieve the beautiful colour and superior finish required, both at the edges and surrounding area. The floor was poured before the cellar was fitted out so needed to be carefully protected with Lazenby’s three layer covering system, throughout the curing period.

The joint plan ensures that the open plan, streamline feel is maintained. The floor took the normal 3 days to install, excluding the 28 day curing period. This extensive refurbishment shows off Lazenby’s superior quality and appears to get 100% family approval.

Project Owner
Project Location
Esher, Surrey
Product Used
Polished concrete flooring
Cream Buff
Visual / Textural Finish

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