Do you install polished concrete floors throughout the UK?

Yes we are happy to work throughout out the UK and Europe.

Do you sub contract work?

We sometimes use specialists for large HTC superfloors, other than that we install all of our own work.

Do you install small concrete installation projects?

Yes we install small concrete installation projects; each project is priced on its specific requirements. Please give us a call to discuss your project requirements and we can provide you with a budget cost. If you would like a formal quotation email us your project details and we can produce this for you.

How do we get a quotation for the concrete installation work?

If you forward us a scale drawing, the square meterage of the work required and a estimated installation date, we can provide an estimate. If required we will carry out site survey.

Do you have samples of polished concrete?

We have a small range of popular polished concrete colour samples. Concrete samples can be made on request.

Do you have a Showroom?

Yes, the London Showroom can be viewed by appointment only. Please email info@lazenby.co.uk

Do you have show sites?

We have many addresses you can see our work in a commercial or retail environment. We have some domestic installations you could view by appointment.

Can you make concrete worktops or sinks to match?

We are able to cast concrete worktops, sinks, countertops, splash backs and tiles up to 1000mm x 1000mm to match the floors. Any bespoke items are manufactured in our large factory in Somerset.

Concrete Floors

Do you lay concrete floors?

YES, unlike many companies claiming to install polished concrete, we have been laying concrete for over 20 years.

What depth should a polished concrete floor be laid?

All Lazenby polished concrete floors with underfloor heating must be a minimum of 100mm deep.

Each job varies and the shallower the polished concrete floor the more joints will be required.

We would recommend a Lazenby polished concrete floor to be 100mm deep.

Does underfloor heating work well with polished concrete?

Yes polished concrete conducts and stores heat well. The floor acts as a huge storage heater giving off a very pleasant feel.

How and when do we turn on the underfloor heating?

We recommend the underfloor heating can be turned on after 28 days but the longer the better. It is essential all systems are turned up by a maximum of 3 degrees centigrade per three days. This is the water temperature not the room temperature.

Polished concrete does not like sudden / extreme changes in temperature.

In our opinion the water temperature through underfloor heating pipes should never exceed 35°c. If the water is allowed to exceed 35°c it will increase the risk of cracking.

Do we need to lay a concrete screed over the underfloor heating first?

No a Lazenby polished concrete floor is laid directly on the insulation.

We do not recommend the use of the egg crate system of underfloor heating as this makes it difficult to set up our reinforcement.

Can the concrete floors be laid outside?

Yes, all Lazenby polished concrete floors can be installed outside. Different sealers can be applied for each application. It is essential a temporary cover is set up to keep direct sunlight off the patio.

In the winter a shelter should be constructed so we are able to heat the space and keep the area dry.

Can polished concrete be used in a wet room?

Yes it is possible to use a Lazenby polished concrete floor in a wet room.

What size areas are cast at the same time?

Most polished concrete floors are cast as a single piece then divided up the following day with a neat saw cut called a crack inducement joint. This joint creates a weak spot and the polished concrete will shrink (crack) in a neat straight line.

What are the crack inducement joints filled with?

These joints will expand and contract as the polished concrete floor heats and cools. For this reason we use a flexible sealer such as polyurethane. This will be a similar colour to your floor.

Can we use stainless steel or brass as joints?

This is possible but not very practical. The floor will shrink away from the metal joint and possible leave a frail edge. It also is difficult to install with underfloor heating.

Do my windows and doors need to be fitted prior to the floor?

Each site is different but it is possible to fit the polished concrete floor with or without windows and doors. If the doors are missing it is essential a shutter is fitted at the correct height to create a void for the doors to be fitted later.

Remember, if a polished concrete floor is being fitted in the winter the building or space should be weather proof and sealed up from any outside elements.

We will use space heaters to keep the house warm and above 10 degrees.

Can we use electric floor sockets in the polished concrete floor?

Yes but with all concrete the more inserts in the floor, the greater the risk of cracking.

Can steps be installed in polished concrete?

Yes we are able to pre-cast these or pour steps in-situ.

What colour can the polished concrete floor be?

We have a range of popular colours however we are able to match to RAL numbers in many cases.

Do the polished concrete floors have to be shiny?

No, we are able to supply Lazenby polished concrete floors in a variety of finishes: Matt, Satin or Gloss.

Are polished concrete floors easy to maintain?

We aim for all of our floors to be low maintenance. The secret is to use the correct cleaner and maintainer. We have a range of products for all situations. You could choose weekly mopping or the daily use of a floor scrubber.

Will the polished concrete floors need to be re-polished?

If floors are maintained correctly they should improve with time. We are able to re- polish or re-seal if required.

How long will a polished concrete floor take to install?

A Lazenby polished concrete floor will be installed in three days. This includes all setting up and the final protection layer.

In winter the floors can take a very long time to set. Our installation gang might be working as late as midnight. Please make your neighbours aware of this to avoid any problems.

When is the polished concrete floor polished?

We recommend cleaning sealing and polishing a Lazenby polished concrete floor in the week before handover. We are able to protect all your surfaces, this process uses cleaning equipment not large HTC polishing machines.

When do you grind the surface on a HTC Superfloor?

The HTC process is started when the concrete is sufficiently cured. 14 days is a guideline for most freshly laid concrete. The floors will be polished, sealed and protected at this stage. The machinery is large and heavy and will require 3 phase electricity and access to a hoist if the HTC Superfloor is not at ground level.

Does polished concrete crack?

All concrete has the possibility of cracking. With careful use of shrink reducing admixtures, anti crack reinforcing, designed crack control and good working practice the risk of cracking is reduced.

The misuse of underfloor heating with sudden temperature changes is the biggest reason for cracks in floors.

Concrete likes to be laid in regular square or rectangular bays.

If a polished concrete floor cracks what can be done?

If a polished concrete floor cracks it will be held together with the reinforcing mesh. The crack can be filled with a coloured polymer repair system.