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Pre-cast Concrete


Lazenby’s Ebony is breathtaking as tiles, shown here in the Zig Zag Building (Photographs: Hufton + Crow).

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Lazenby’s Midnight is a sumptuous and luxurious choice for this pre-cast concrete sink, drainer and worktop.

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Lazenby’s Forest pre-cast concrete is cool and etherial with a wonderfully calming effect.

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Lazenby’s Chestnut pre-cast concrete is earthy, rich in tones and colour and deliciously warming.

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August Grey

Lazenby’s August Grey pre-cast concrete is powerfully evocative. A wonderfully cosy colour to share with family and friends.

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Lazenby’s Dusk in Trinidad; infact 5300 kg Dusk coloured, pre-cast wine boxes. Exquisite and extravagant.

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Azure Grey

Lazenby’s Azure Grey pre-cast concrete is dynamic and bold and works hard in any situation, even a kitchen.

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Lazenby’s Tempest is a clever choice; practical, awesome and gets people talking….and sharing.

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Silver Sleet

Lazenby’s Silver Sleet is an invaluable choice. The quiet confidence and calming effect is mesmerising.

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Platinum Grey

Lazenby’s Platinum Grey is an ever-popular pre-cast concrete colour and is an architectural classic.

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