Quartermile 4, Edinburgh

Polished Concrete Wall Panels

Lazenby’s Platinum Grey industrial finish, polished concrete feature wall panels, curve around this main entrance corridor of this office building in Edinburgh. Photography by Lazenby.

ArchitectMichael Laird Architects
LocationQuartermile 4, Edinburgh
ColourPlatinum Grey
Visual/textural finishMatt Industrial Finish
Project typeRefurbishment

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Lazenby’s 60 (excluding spares) polished concrete wall panels were poured, coloured and finished in their Yeovil factory. Michael Laird Architects specified an industrial, rustic finish which can only be achieved with polished concrete. Each panel was 12mm thick and poured into over 20 different sized moulds. Four curved column pieces, left and right handed, were created in bespoke moulds to achieve the desired profile.

The smallest wall panels are 6kg and the largest panels are 60kg. The panels were installed using a flexible adhesive, dot and dabbed onto a plasterboard and studwork wall.

Lazenby’s GFC wall panels can be made in any shape, size, colour and finish to suit the project needs.