Oslo, Norway

Polished concrete Art installation

A capital ‘O’ for Oslo may be a creatively simple solution but the installation was complex, seen here in this elegant Raven Grey disc.

ArtistJacqueline Donachie
Location:Oslo, Norway
Colour:Raven Grey
Visual/textural finish:Acid Etched Gloss
Project type:Art installation

Technical detail:

Looks can be deceptive, although this appears to be a solid concrete circle 8m in diameter; the centre is in fact a high density polystyrene core void former. A 150mm covering, which equates to approximately 30 tonnes of C40 concrete mixed with a Raven Grey integral pigment surround this light weight core. The formwork was then built around the insulation to the exact specification set out by designers to ensure the vision of the artist was realized.

A layer of A393 reinforcing mesh was laid in to ensure a robust result. Extremes of Norwegian temperatures were taken into account and like all of the streets in Olso this installation was fitted with an electric underfloor heating system to aid with the clearing of snow. Winter can be -40°C and summer up to 30°C.

Pedestrian interactivity was anticipated, so surface of the concrete was acid etched to add texture to the surface aiding with slip resistance. The surface was then sealed with a high gloss sealant to add shine, with the textured surface ensuring it is safe to walk on when wet.