Mayfair, London

Polished concrete floor

Lazenby’s installed 150m² Mayfair Grey polished concrete floor, with a lightly exposed aggregate, in this Mayfair Gallery. Interior photography by Jeremy Phillips. This architecturally neutral backdrop, for the professional photographic exhibitions, is thoughtful.

Architect/Client:Hamilton Gallery
Location:Mayfair, London
Colour:Mayfair Grey
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Retrofit

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Hamilton Gallery’s international reputation, required Lazenby’s master craftsmanship, to maintain exacting standards. Over 150m² was installed quickly and efficiently, so that the Gallery remained closed for the shortest period possible.

The deceptively simple interior design, features a 100mm Lazenby polished concrete floor throughout. The C35 mix was pumped into the period building, in one day, with concrete lorries arriving at pre-arranged times. Logistics are carefully managed, to avoid delays in the pour and avoid multiple lorries having to park in busy London streets.

The floor was installed over 20 years ago and is still there today. However, it now features a lightly exposed aggregate finish, as it was accidentally painted and Lazenby were asked to bring the floor back to its albeit, slightly altered former glory.