Polished concrete floor

Before Microsoft acquired Nokia, Lazenby installed 75m2 of Light Natural polished concrete floor. Commercial buildings, like Nokia’s former offices in London, like the industrial appeal of concrete. Interior photography by Jeremy Phillips.

Architect/Client:BWI Interiors
Colour:Light Natural
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Retrofit

Technical detail:

The expansion joints were careful positioned to allow for key features, like the reception desk. Concrete cracks as it cures so Lazenby’s jointing plans are one of its keys to success, these joints were left open to make more of a statement, generally our joints are filled with a mastic colour-matched to the concrete.

The existing lift wells and original subbase meant that the new floor was installed at a depth of 100mm. The preparation of a subbase always includes determining the location of all services. Even though there was a concrete subbase a polythene DPM (damp proof membrane) is always used. A C35 concrete mix was used and all walls and lift doors were protected before installation.