Kensington, London

Polished Concrete Floor

Lazenby’s Mayfair Grey polished concrete floors adorn this prestigious 420m2 penthouse flat. Attention to detail with the joint plan ensured that architectural lines were beautifully maintained.

Architect/Client:Gumuchdijan Architects
Location:Kensington, London
Colour:Mayfair Grey
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Refurbishment

Technical detail:

Lazenby’s Mayfair Grey polished concrete floors were laid over 160m2, 75mm deep, over underfloor heating and onto the pre-existing concrete base. The pumped concrete was poured in a designed sequence over three weeks to allow for curing. Prestigious brass access boxes from Cableduct were used in the polished concrete floor, to ensure clean architectural lines, and that the high qualities of the interior design were maintained. With the reduced floor depth, the bay sizes had to be carefully considered because the reduction in depth meant the bay size needed to be reduced to a maximum size of 3 x 3m.