Haynes International Motor Museum, Somerset

Polished concrete floor, ramp and stairs

Haynes International Motor Museum re-opened in 2014. Boon Brown specified 860m² of Lazenby’s steel grey polished concrete flooring throughout the visitor’s centre and restaurant. The cast in-situ concrete stairs and ramp completes the transformation of the grand entrance.

Architect/Client:Boon Brown
Location:Sparkford, Somerset
Colour:Steel Grey
Project type:Retrofit

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Polished concrete floors: 75mm steel grey polished concrete floors overlays existing subbase.

C35 concrete slabs reinforced with a single layer of A142 mesh to support loading given in BS 6399; that of a UDL of 4kN/m2 and a point load of 4.5kN.

Cast in-situ stairs: These 6 cast in-situ steps which include a landing were prepared in such a way that formwork could be struck on the day to allow for each step to be finished by hand to match the floor. As part of the preparation the steps were reinforced with an A142 mesh.

Cast in-situ ramp: 1:20 gradient along length ranging from 6000-7500mm on the various ramps, 1500mm wide to comply with Building Regulations Part M 2004.