Fulham, London

Polished Concrete Floor

Lazenby’s Mayfair Grey Polished Concrete Floors throughout this opulent refurbishment. The spacious open plan architectural space is supremely enhanced by the continuum of concrete.

Architect/Client:Gumuchdijan Architects
Location:Fulham, London
Colour:Mayfair Grey
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Refurbishment

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Lazenby’s Mayfair Grey polished concrete floors were laid over 420m2, 90mm deep, over underfloor heating and onto the pre-existing concrete base. The Lazenby project engineers designed the new concrete floor to accommodate the existing loadings of the 1930s building. Steel reinforcement included 6 tonnes of 10mm rebar, tied and laid to ensure minimal saw cut joints. The pumped concrete was poured in a designed sequence over three weeks to allow for curing. Prestigious brass access boxes from Cableduct were used in the polished concrete floor, to ensure clean architectural lines, and that the high qualities of the interior design were maintained. The installation included a soundproofing layer and eco insulation.