Clerkenwell, London

Polished Concrete Floor

Lazenby’s Basalt polished concrete floor with 5mm Brass trim in the expansion joints. The luxurious result is worth the effort; however, selecting a complementary-coloured mastic is much more cost-effective. This is due to the time and precision that is required, when using brass trim, in order to create this stunning effect.

LocationClerkenwell, London
ColourBasalt with brass trim
Visual/textural finishSatin
Project typeRefurbishment

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Lazenby’s Basalt polished concrete floor covers the 135m2 reception area and was laid 100mm deep. The brass is retrofitted which means it needed to be cut accurately.

The photographs c/o Jack Hobhouse (closeup image of floor and desk) and Hufton + Crow (reception area at large) clearly shows Lazenby’s master craftsmanship. The installation needed to factor in furrows for glazed panels and include wiring conduits to carry power to the security barriers.

The Lazenby process includes hand colouring and finishing to create their unique results. Lazenby’s Basalt is made up of a blend of subtle coloured pigments to achieve this impressive result.