Clapham, London

Acid etched polished concrete floor

Del’Aziz selected Lazenby to install this polished concrete floor and acid-etch their Mediterranean emblem in 2011. The delicate design was added after the cool grey polished concrete floor was laid.

Architect/Client:Shaun Clarkson ID Ltd.
Location:Clapham, London
Colour:Cool Grey
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Retrofit

Technical detail:

Acid etching uses an acid based gel solution; careful preparation of the floor area is essential. The Del’Aziz emblem stencil was laser-cut off site. The adhesive-backed stencil was positioned and adhered to the floor and an acid-etching gel revealed the pattern. This process can be used on intricate designs because the application of the gel is done gently. Fizzing indicates that the process is underway. Cleaning agents are then used to remove any residues at the end of the process and the stencil removed.

The polished concrete floor can be etched at any time after the floor has been installed; the acid wears away the colour surface hardener lightly exposing the natural concrete and aggregate below. The deeper the reveal required the longer the acid is left on the surface, this process can take up to 24 hours to complete if a more pronounced etch is required.