Chiswick, London

Polished Concrete Floor

Lazenby’s Light Natural polished concrete floors feature throughout this new property and demonstrates concrete’s confidence.

Architect/Client:NG Architecture
Location:Chiswick, London
Colour:Light Natural
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:New build

Project enquiry:

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Technical detail:

Lazenby’s Light Natural polished concrete floors were laid 100mm deep over underfloor heating on the ground floor and 100mm deep upstairs. Engineers calculations, careful architectural planning and a mindful joint plan ensured that the concrete floors were perfect throughout. The installation took place over 3 days starting with the upstairs.

A new kitchen was fitted onto the new concrete floor, with the usual service ducts having been allowed for in the pour. New bedroom wardrobes were also installed onto the new concrete floor. As you can see from the photographs the furnishings and light levels have a huge impact on the appearance of the floor. Both the upstairs and downstairs were installed at the same time using the same colour; however, they appear very different visually.