Chelsea, London

Glass Fibre Concrete (GFC) Marble Bench

Lazenby’s Marble pre-cast GFC (Glass Fibre Concrete) Bench is a work of art. This elegant piece of GFC furniture, for an outdoor setting, is 1400mm long, 500mm wide, approx. 465mm high and 100mm thick. This contemporary bench was designed and pre-cast, at an angle to fit site requirements, at Lazenby’s Yeovil manufacturing centre.

Client:The homeowner
Location:Chelsea, London
Colour:Marble pre-cast GFC
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Concrete Furniture

Technical detail:

Marble pre-cast GFC was poured into a wooden mold that took a week of meticulous care and attention to build. The bench was deliberately cast at an angle so enable accurate fitting onsite and weighs 170kg. The Marble coloured concrete has multiple layers of Glass Fibre laid as required to reinforce the concrete. The natural weathering on this external Marble bench will further enhance and enrich its appearance.