Briarwood Road, London

Polished concrete floor

Lazenby’s basalt polished concrete floors, over underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, covers 60m². This refurbishment included the reception room and kitchen above; images by Andrew Beasley Photography.

Architect/Client:Granit Architects
Visual/textural finish:Satin
Project type:Retrofit

Technical detail:

Open plan space with carefully defined areas include of 100mm of Lazenby polished concrete floor. The concrete mix used was C25/30 and meets BS 8500-2 standards. Concrete floors were laid first over underfloor heating, with an A252 reinforcing mesh placed and tied together. Corresponding cuts are made in the reinforcing mesh and later the concrete itself to reduce the risk of cracking within the slab. Although, hairline cracks which are defined as less than 1mm wide are part of the aesthetic and natural beauty of concrete.