Life With Lazenby

Life With Lazenby

Life with Lazenby

Working at Lazenby is rewarding in every sense. Every member of our staff is specially trained in the unique Lazenby approach. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve made a significant contribution to every project – many of which will endure for decades.


The professional training that Lazenby provides to every concrete craftsman is unique and simply not available anywhere else. That’s because the skills and techniques we’ve developed are specific to our business and can’t be learnt on any vocational course.

It can take up to three years for Lazenby’s specialist concrete craftsmanship and know-how to be passed on. During that time, every new employee serves an apprenticeship in the classic sense of the word. The aim is for everybody who works on our behalf to be nothing less than an accomplished concrete craftsman. Only then can we continue the peerless standards for which Lazenby is renowned.

Do you have what it takes?

We’re always on the look-out for new potential. If you feel you have the dedication to meet the demands of working for Lazenby, we’re always ready to hear from you. Contact us, detailing any previous experience at

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What our staff say:

“We travel all over the UK to work on various projects and there just isn’t time to be bored. I’ve learnt so much from the best in the business.”

“I’ve been with Lazenby for 4 years now and I’m proud of every one of the jobs we’ve worked on in that time.”