Ben Young can Price Match your project right now! You can get your price matched now or wait until the UK economy recovers. Lazenby have been promising time-limited price matches to a competitor quotation for some time, however, COVID-19 has bought an untimely halt to all of our clients’ projects. Once this unprecedented period is safely behind us and we’re all back to work we can deliver your project.

Every like-for-like quote is considered, because Lazenby is 100% committed to being competitive. You may be looking for a bargain at this time? If you are we are confident that you will see the advantages of our premium concrete products range.

You can even have a polished concrete floor from 3mm to 125mm deep. Yes, 3mm deep! The bargain is that you’ll get Lazenby’s superior quality at an affordable price that is perfect for all retrofit projects. Take a look at YouTube to see our iconic flooring options:

Please email Ben Young today to discuss your projects’ price-match. Ben is keen to stay busy whilst he is working from home.