Flower Power with concrete creates a powerful result! An elegant open air ‘dining room’ adjacent to an exquisite pathway and generous stair treads that ascend the garden gently and reverently. All of the credit for the garden design and planting goes to Olivia Rossi; she even supplied the photograph! Thank you to Olivia’s client for agreeing that Lazenby shares this amazing London-based project!

External concrete is where Lazenby started over 25 years ago. Bringing the outside inside is just one of the powerful ways that Lazenby’s concrete product range can add value to a home. From polished concrete flooring and surfaces, inside and outside and of every magnitude; Lazenby is your ‘one-stop-shop’.

Since 1990, Lazenby are seen as the industry innovator and the go-to people for superior quality and exemplary standards. Lazenby loves working with creative professionals like Olivia; thank you again to her and her contractors for this outstanding project.

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