Daniela is already a legend as Lazenby’s Project Co-ordinator. Daniela has left her professional mark and legacies with Crossrail West Stations and Taylor Woodrow’s Junction 10A (Ashford) of the M20. As an experienced Office Manager Daniela has spent her illustrious career within the construction industry. Her roles have always involved a vast number of different tasks and needed great organisation.

Joining Lazenby, Daniela now arranges all site visits, books in all installation dates and all associated admin tasks that go with it. Instead of working as part of a huge corporate team Daniela now leads from the front. Her tenacious attention to detail and impeccable pedigree is making a positive difference to Lazenby’s clients.

However, as from Tuesday 24th March 2020, Daniela is awaiting the end of the COVID-19 crisis, like us all, so she can get back to work helping you to successfully complete your iconic projects.

If you dream of leaving a legacy of your own please email Ben Young today to discuss your ideas. Ben is keen to stay busy whilst he is working from home.