Brass stair tread inlay strips are pure genius for Walker’s Court Theatre in Soho, London. Congratulations to SODA Studio the gifted and talented architects on this magnificent transformation. Photographer Jack Hobhouse.

SODA specified Lazenby Cool Grey Polished Concrete flooring in the Restaurant and Bar area and Coast pre-cast stair treads with the all-important metallic strips. The theatre has been designed for optimal use and the movement of people from entrance to exit. Concrete is iconic, durable and easy to maintain. Lazenby hopes that pay attention to your safe passage down the stunning staircases.

Lazenby may have created more than 24 stair treads in each flight yet we are totally committed to a 24-Karat job or beautifully crafted work. Each tread was cast 40mm deep and overhangs the concrete riser is a safe and compliant way. Each tread is anti-slip with 5mm wide and brass parallel inlay strips. The shadow gaps either side of the treads as high drama to each flight.

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