Lazenby Pink concrete everywhere! Pink Polished Concrete Flooring throughout the R7 entrance hall and Pink cast insitu stairs to match the pink handrails and it seems the EVERYMAN logo. Would you have ever believed Pink could look this good? Well Duggan Morris Architects (DMA) certainly did. Thank you for specifying Lazenby and for the time spent getting the Pink just right. There were multiple colour samples created once the order was placed. Lazenby love creating 100% bespoke colours with our visionary clients. Photographer Jack Hobhouse.

DMA has transformed this King’s Cross development for R7. Apparently R7 is named after “a grid reference on the masterplan of King’s Cross”…however R7 got its name Lazenby staff members will certainly visit this address for a wonderful evening out.

Pink concrete uses the same local materials, is of the same superior quality laid with Lazenby’s same expertise, attention to detail and care. The Pink floors are 100mm deep with a precision-designed and -cut joint plan. The stairs are nosed with a dark grey texture strip and perfectly match the Pink of the changing floor levels. A team of 6 Lazenby craftsmen installed this stunning result with one man distributing the surface colour hardener to maintain an even Pink throughout.

If your project requires its own bespoke concrete colour please contact us today on: 01935 700306 (option 1).