This wood-textured pre-cast sink is one of Mark’s playful responses to a client request. “We would like something creative to blend in with our property’s wooded location…” they said and Mark has taken this to heart. Thank you Mark for giving Lazenby clients what they want, on time and to budget.

We all know about the care and attention to detail you take in the hand-made manufacturing process. We’ve watched you make the formwork for this Platinum Grey sink. We’ve seen you carefully select the perfect wooden textures for this Belfast sink with waste. We marvel at how you achieve such a smooth finish to the tops and inside faces. Something this simple takes years of experience.

Lazenby is eternally grateful that you head up the Pre-cast team in Yeovil. We recognise your creative and innovative spirit. Sorry to laugh when your ambitious ideas require several attempts…mind you, you’re the one laughing when clients choose Lazenby time and time again for their complex pre-cast projects! Mastery in action is our Mark.

Lazenby’s London Showroom features lots of Mark’s pre-cast work so please make an appointment and come and see. Contact us on: 01935 700306 (option 1). Mark is based in Yeovil so we’ll tell him what you think of his pre-cast floor and wall panels, his worktop with integral sink, drainer and splashbacks and his sinks, stair treads and pre-cast concrete furniture!