Month: February 2020


Another polished concrete flooring masterpiece from Lazenby. Congratulations to Greenway Architects and Photographer Tony Murray for a polished performance on this architectural refurbishment in Kensington. This stage is set for open plan living for family and friends. The architect’s natural palette of modern materials does indeed create calm and to meet the brief Lazenby’s polished […]

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Lazenby Pink concrete everywhere! Pink Polished Concrete Flooring throughout the R7 entrance hall and Pink cast insitu stairs to match the pink handrails and it seems the EVERYMAN logo. Would you have ever believed Pink could look this good? Well Duggan Morris Architects (DMA) certainly did. Thank you for specifying Lazenby and for the time […]

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This wood-textured pre-cast sink is one of Mark’s playful responses to a client request. “We would like something creative to blend in with our property’s wooded location…” they said and Mark has taken this to heart. Thank you Mark for giving Lazenby clients what they want, on time and to budget. We all know about […]

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