Creative concrete. Clever construction. Cast in-situ. Love it or hate it concrete fascinates and astounds. How does something so dense, robust and long-lasting look so contemporary and interesting. Is it the shear scale? Is it the fact it that an island worktop can incorporate all of the essential services? Is it the opportunity for 100% bespoke design? Lazenby likes to think it is because polished concrete has never been so popular and so exciting.

Concrete technology may have moved forwards; however, the use of locally sourced materials remains unchanged. Sustainable installation practices mean that aggregate is sourced from local gravel pits, sand from local building merchants and sustainably produced Portland cement used. Lazenby’s colour hardeners are purchased in bulk to avoid unnecessary shipping. Installation teams source formwork and reinforcement materials locally and keep any concrete waste to an absolute minimum.

Lazenby’s magnificent concrete island is 2.4m long, 1.5m at the widest point and 0.7m at the narrowest end and 0.9m high. The concrete wrap is 100mm deep over heavy reinforcement that is fixed into the polished concrete floor. The tap and waste was fitted after the island was finished and sealed. The colour? Need you ask; it’s Lazenby No.1 concrete colour; Light Natural of course.

If you want more information on how long it took to install or who designed it then please contact us today on: 01935 700306 (option 1). Better still why not make an appointment to see Lazenby’s concrete island and get us to design and install one for you!