Opening times: until noon 24th December and from 9am 2nd January 2020. Planning for the Christmas holidays is exciting for many and we wish you a very happy one. For those planning for other ways to spend this holiday season we wish you a happy time too.

In the meantime Lazenby are planning for Christmas by celebrating outstanding success in 2019 and preparing for the launch of new and exciting concrete products in 2020. Watch this space!

Planning = success and to that end we are focusing on improving every aspect of your experience with Lazenby’s iconic polished concrete flooring and surfaces. This Oyster White floor is a great example; timely surveys, productive meetings, attention to detail and exemplary customer care. Our gift to all of you is to listen to exactly what you want (for Christmas or otherwise) and take note of the complexities of your project (a Santa list where you get everything!) deliver on time (excluding 24th December to 2nd January; we all need our rest) and exceed your expectations (Santa is not the only one that puts smiles on faces!).