Playing on Diana’s Memorial and Lazenby’s decorative concrete beach looks fun! Our installation team in 2000 had the enormous privilege of creating a safe and exciting play area for children. Lazenby takes its responsibility for exemplary safety standards, delivering on a client’s vision and leaving a legacy, very seriously.

External decorative concrete is where Lazenby started nearly 30 years ago. We have surprised and delighted visitors of all ages at Disney Pixars’ Buzz Lightyear and Cars and the castle surround at Euro Disney; Clifton and Cassiobury wet parks and numerous theme parks; Bournemouth Pier approach, Littlehampton promenade and many other coastal projects; QEOP Tumbling Bay, several museums and wonderful water features across the UK. In fact, Lazenby has installed hundreds of thousands of metres of external concrete paving, drives and patios for public spaces, commercial ventures and private dwellings.

Lazenby are the GO-TO company for iconic polished concrete flooring and surfaces. Our concrete product range is the MUST-HAVE for the 21st Century. Decorative concrete innovation just gets more exciting year after year! Come and visit our London Showroom to find out why! Visit us at 100%design in September if you’re an architect, specifier or interior designer or Grand Designs Live in Birmingham for all other playful visionaries!