Clifton Park and Lazenby have created a decorative concrete playground in Rotherham. Multicoloured concrete features attract children of all ages to the wet play, safe play and some serious fun! The installations hide the intricate and detailed foundations that feature water pumps, pipework, reinforcement and technical detail required for complex projects like this. Lazenby make it look easy because we have nearly 30 years of experience, technical know-how and constant innovation.

Lazenby’s open air concrete is always bespoke; always creative and we never compromise on craftsmanship. From unique stencils to create organic shapes on the surface of the concrete to huge concrete boulders. From delicate bird prints to robust tyre tracks. From North to South; inside and outside, Lazenby is creating a sense of fun wherever we go. Even our commercial, public sector and residential clients benefit from the innovation developed for open air projects.

Creativity and technical know-how abounds at Lazenby! We await your call: 01935 700306 (option 1). See you soon and let’s get excited about your open air project together!