Welcome Aaron! You’ve arrived just in time to celebrate another successful month!

Your experience in architectural ironmongery sales and client liaison, with architects and project owners, is gold-plated. Lazenby’s knowledgeable and friendly sales team look forward to working with you, to ensure fantastic outcomes for our clients.

Your enthusiasm and drive will inspire our clients to specify Lazenby’s iconic polished concrete for flooring, cast insitu flights of stairs and pre-cast concrete worktops and surfaces. Lazenby’s ever-expanding iconic product range is certainly worth getting excited about!

Living in Acton and working just down the road in North Acton, is as convenient for you as the free parking in front of our London Showroom is to our clients. We may not have the architectural ironmongery that you are used to; however, Unit 1 is full of iconic polished concrete flooring and surfaces.

Why not contact us to make your appointment today and meet Aaron very soon: 01935 700306 (option 1).