Gregory Phillips Architects specified Lazenby polished concrete throughout their Caversham-located project. Watch out the House & Garden, February 2019 edition, out in January! Award-winning architects Gregory Phillips Architects are having their iconic project featured in all its glory! Lazenby is very excited for Gregory Phillips Architects and keen to see the interior photography.

Icons are created by visioneries and craftsmen. Caversham’s sign is an iconic representation of the regions rich history. Gregory Phillips Architects are designing iconic projects that last the test of time, design-wise and construction-wise. Lazenby creates a legacy with its architectural, decorative polished concrete. Hose & Garden has an iconic archive of superb design inside and outside.

Take a look at the article in January and please let us know what you think of the polished concrete flooring and surfaces! Congratulations to Gregory Phillips and his creative team; please keep winning those awards! Contact Us or call whenever you want to find out more: 01935 700306 – Option 1.