It’s official; Lazenby installs Pink Concrete! Keir, main contractors, specified 1300m2 of Lazenby polished concrete floors across 10 floors, for their R7, Kings Cross project. This bespoke coloured Pink features throughout the ground floor. Pink for the Everyman Cinema, pink for the R7 office space; pink up the stairs and pink in the reception area.

Lazenby takes concrete very seriously and takes extra care with bespoke colours. Concrete only gives us one opportunity to get the installation perfect. To ensure that Kier got exactly what was wanted, several samples were created by Lazenby and one colour ‘formula’ agreed before the three day installation took place. A contrasting coloured mastic was selected for the joints; all very smart. In fact Lazenby’s Pink is so popular even the paint matches!

If you want to see Lazenby’s polished concrete colours up close why not make an appointment today to visit our stunning London Showroom please contact us or call: 01935 700306 – Option 1.