Lazenbyltd is our way to keep in touch with you all, especially our 449 followers. We love engagement. We love sharing our successes. Mostly we love how 449 of you are interested in what we do. Thank you Instagram; thank you followers and thank you to our clients who engage with Lazenby to create outstanding decorative concrete installations.

We’re relatively new to Instagram. New to the opportunities to share great ideas daily. New to those who have now discovered Lazenby’s polished concrete floors, pre-cast concrete and an exciting concrete product range!

What kind of instant engagement do you like? What would you like us to show you? Emotional engagement is not always easy with concrete. How do we share the sheer joy of being awarded our turquoise ‘Grand Designs loves’ badge or the exquisite relief when our Cannon Green staircase was handed over to our very happy client? It should be easier to show you the engaging character of the dog sat obediently on our concrete floor…next time we’ll upload a video of him playing in the open architectural space! Our neat and tidy photographs are not telling you about the families and friends that love their polished concrete installations inside and outside. About the increased value to property and lives like the parties and the fun and the easy way that concrete cleans up after the aforementioned!

If you want to engage with Lazenby too; come and follow us on Instagram; see you soon we hope!