HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 promises to be another exciting year. Lazenby stepped up to the challenge in 2017 with their Cannon Green, traditional poured insitu, grand staircase with amphitheater features. To find how more about 2017 projects and nearly 30 previous years visit our Case Study Collection.

Looking onwards and upwards, Lazenby has won more projects in 2018 that will show off our experience, skill and master craftsmanship. As you can tell we are very excited about Cannon Green; however, we get just as excited by our residential clients specifying polished concrete floors with complementary-coloured pre-cast or Glass Fibre Concrete (GFC) furniture. We are in awe of our architectural clients who push the boundaries of concrete design. Lazenby loves creating concrete wall panels that curve organically around an entrance hall. We love our GFC sinks and furniture that showcase our skills and are a dramatic architectural addition to any space. In fact, at Lazenby we are always innovating; always dreaming and never overlook the tiniest detail to achieve our superior quality installations. You are always welcome to share in our enthusiasm by making an appointment to see our NEW Showroom; please contact us or call: 01935 700306 – Option 1.