Celebrating Twenty Years!

Anna – Twenty years at Lazenby! What a great year 1997 was for Lazenby. How can we ever thank you? A meal to celebrate? Champagne or Italian Wine? A fanfare; confetti or a fuss? Knowing you, you’ll say you’ve got too much Lazenby work to do. Well that’s what happens when you are a great Accounts Director and a fantastic team player. Thank you Anna; we all love you.

Anna only joined for a few years and has stayed for the most important growth years of the company’s history. Anna knows every member of the Lazenby team well; she remembers every project and never forgets a face.

Whenever you contact us to settle an account or call to get payment for supplies you’ll experience Anna’s calm and helpful manner. Anna always gets the job done even when she is doing the work of many as she will have done in Lazenby’s early days.

Anna and her Accounts team can be contacted on: 01935 700306 – Option 3.