Bouygues awards Lazenby

Lazenby is awarded the Manhattan Loft Gardens’ tender, for 830m2 of Mayfair Grey polished concrete floor, with salt and pepper finish. Lazenby’s polished concrete floor will be installed throughout the hotel core lobby; into the residential core lobby and the areas opening out onto the cantilever loft gardens on the 7th, 25th and 36th floors of this 42-storey tower. Congratulations Ben for Lazenby’s successful tender!

Harry Handelsman, founder of Manhattan Loft Corporation, believes that his project will become one of the most important residential towers ever built. Lazenby are proud to be a part of this benchmark project. The London property developer, Manhattan Loft Corporation, selected Bouygues UK (subsidiary of Bouygues Construction) for the construction of Manhattan Loft Gardens, a 143-metre landmark tower in Stratford, East London. This project is a world-class development, with ground-breaking design and a community-focus. The three cantilever gardens have panoramic views over London.

For more information about Lazenby’s involvement with Manhattan Loft Gardens please call Ben: 01935 700306 – Option 1.