Terrific Trinidad

Lazenby’s Trinidad project has it all; this magnificent concrete pool surround to name but one. The pool surround meanders around the water in an organic way, enchanting and inviting. Then there are Lazenby’s Dusk pre-cast concrete wine boxes, displayed in the wine cellar, ready for 1200 bottles from around the world. Not to mention the cast-insitu staircases to get down to the cellar! Or the stunning Iron Grey polished concrete floors throughout 787m² first floor! You can guess that Lazenby is rather excited about this project. We all keep volunteering to get involved.

However, the realities of this installation are quite a different story…very high temperatures, very long days and the need for 100% concentration and attention to detail at all times. Lazenby sources the concrete locally in Trinidad, to exactly standards and in full compliance with their NBS specification. Watch out for Lazenby’s comprehensive Trinidad case study once the project is photographed in all of it resplendent glory. This terrific opportunity in Trinidad came about because the clients knows, likes and trusts Lazenby and wanted us to install concrete in this multi-million-dollar home!