Ben’s Sales Manager Promotion

Ben’s concrete knowledge; rock-solid skill-set and well-rounded experience has promoted him to Sales Manager. A fantastic achievement and well-deserved. Every one likes Ben; have you met him yet?

If you knew Ben you’d know he loves golf. You’d know he applies the same levels of concentration and determination for his work as he does to reducing his golf handicap. Lazenby recognised Ben’s talents for building great client relationships, creating an enviable customer service level and successfully tendering and quoting for extraordinary projects from day 1. Not only is Ben Lazenby’s Sales Manager, he also looks after the quality management aspects of the business. His contributions to Marketing strategy and implementation are insightful and considered. For a young man, Ben is already a star player.

Congratulations Ben, we are so impressed with your skills, including those on the golf course, that we’ve created a Cool Grey golf ball for you. With the exciting tenders that you are winning we need to keep up with your energy, creativity and playfulness.

To meet Ben, why not make an appointment to visit Lazenby’s London Showroom: 01935 700306 – Option 1. He will be delighted to introduce you to all 29 of Lazenby’s concrete colours. If you play golf too, I’m sure that you can share stories over our Cool Grey Polished Concrete.