James’ Juggling Jobs

James is a great Operation’s Manager. He works systematically, methodically and personably. From mega corporate installations to private bespoke art projects, James is in the background juggling! No, James is not a juggler really; just a class act.

James works with 200 years of combined experience in his team. James is a trusted member of a growing team and stays in regular contact with our master craftsmen, contractors and installers, concrete providers, suppliers and the trades. He makes every job run smoothly and keeps his team happy, seen and heard; thank you James. James will be looking after your project and setting high industry standards along the way. Here are just some of the amazing projects that James has organised to date.

With over 5 years project managing experience in the concrete industry James has the technical know-how to exceed your expectations. Call Operations today if you need James or his team today: 01935 700306 – Option 2.