GDL London – Lazenby

Meet Lazenby’s concrete colours here; not Grand Designs Live London 2017. You’ve seen us at this magnificent show many times before; however, this year Grand Designs Live is minus Lazenby! We are so busy that all Lazenby personnel are needed right here in our flourishing business! SO, we’ve made it that you can now meet all of our concrete colours online! You’ll meet our most popular colour of all time; Light Natural. You’ll see how Lazenby’s pre-cast concrete colour Coast is a breath of fresh air and that Lazenby’s polished concrete colour Black is astounding!

Grand Designs Live London has for years been a fantastic showcase for Lazenby’s polished concrete floor and poured in situ colours and our pre-cast concrete colours. We have loved meeting you and watching your irresistible urge to touch the concrete samples. You’ve seen for yourselves the reason why concrete is so iconic and growing in popularity.

So, as well as going to Grand Designs Live which starts on Saturday 29th April 2017, why not also make an appointment for your own personal show at Lazenby’s Showroom! You’ll be just as impressed and you can put your feet up, relax and enjoy your personal ‘show’.

To make that all-important date please call our Showroom today: 01935 700306.