Playful Puppy Paws

Do animals love Lazenby or is it the wide open spaces they love? This playful puppy can do its worse and Lazenby’s polished concrete floor can be quickly restored. Claws and paws can’t damage concrete….just ‘certain substances’ can if left uncleaned. Lazenby provides maintenance guidelines to help clients maintain the high quality of their concrete installations. Mind you, even polished concrete floors age; a bit like this puppy…eventually. Concrete ages beautifully yet takes on the characteristics of the family’s wear and tear. If ever a floor is under threat or needs some TLC; Lazenby’s ‘First-Aid’ team is only a phone call away to bring the floor back to its former glory.

Lazenby’s Financial Director has a dog and quite naturally has a Lazenby polished concrete floor. He can tell you exactly why his family prefer concrete; however, he’s a bit busy at the moment. So, we thought you might like to see other family pets enjoying their concrete. If you must talk to our FD about his floor you can always call and see if he’s available: 01935 700306