Month: March 2017

Playful Puppy Paws

Do animals love Lazenby or is it the wide open spaces they love? This playful puppy can do its worse and Lazenby’s polished concrete floor can be quickly restored. Claws and paws can’t damage concrete….just ‘certain substances’ can if left uncleaned. Lazenby provides maintenance guidelines to help clients maintain the high quality of their concrete […]

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Calming Concrete

Lazenby’s Light Natural polished concrete floor is mesmerizing. How any cooking will take place in this kitchen we do not know; the floor is hypnotic….or is it just me? Colour is a very personal choice, this is why Lazenby has 15 polished concrete colours and 14 complementary pre-cast colours to choose from. From matching concrete worktops and […]

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Always Consider Concrete

This work in progress, Light Natural polished concrete floor, showcases Lazenby’s master craftsmanship. Elegantly simple and exquisitely mottled. Thank you team for yet another successful installation. Paul and James, Lazenby’s Operation’s Managers are ensuring that every Lazenby project is installed on time, to budget and is superior quality every time. Lazenby loves happy clients. Lazenby […]

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