Samples for Students

Lazenby said; YES when London Metropolitan University requested concrete samples for their Student Library. Anything to help young Architects. Lazenby’s know-how, nearly three decades of experience and industry innovation sets us apart. By supporting this library of materials, students get the chance to innovate themselves! Lazenby welcomes student creativity, ingenuity and fresh ideas in all forms.

Educating students in the fine art of polished concrete, pre-cast, cast insitu and GFC (Glass Fibre Concrete) is Lazenby’s pleasure and privilege. Ed Lazenby has devoted his life to perfecting his craft and building a magnificent company. For Ed, helping the University and inspiring the next generation of Architects is essential. Lazenby supplied concrete samples, 100x100x25mm in every Lazenby concrete colour; that’s all 29 complimentary colours! Does your organisation or architectural project need samples; if so please get in touch today: 01935 700306