Month: January 2017

Lazenby’s First Aid

Is this a case of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Richmond? Contractor-damage to Lazenby’s immaculately pre-cast concrete was horrific! Lazenby’s 4m x 0.6m Tempest satin worktop, with sink, was made in 3 sections and included a 1.637m x 0.7m BBQ top. A real beauty by any standards; however, ‘accidents do happen’ and Lazenby was called […]

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Super Shiny

Lazenby has three irresistable floor surface finishes, for polished concrete floors; matt, satin and gloss. Looking at the sheen you’ve probably guessed this project features Lazenby’s gloss finish. This is quite different to the super-shiny surface of Lazenby’s diamond polished floors. This floor has multiple layers of gloss sealant and extra time is spent buffing […]

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Happy New Year!

Lazenby’s Iron Grey, polished concrete floor is perfect for ‘Dancing’ and every other type of celebratory activity! Happy New Year to everyone, everywhere. In 2017 Lazenby is planning many more celebrations of successful innovation with GFC; world-class projects right here in the UK (watch this space) and more case studies to share with, and to […]

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