Clever concrete!

Lazenby’s Light Natural concrete Worktop has been cast insitu. To create such elegant simplicity takes Lazenby’s master craftsmen 7 days. Two days to create the formwork; a day to construct the reinforcing bars and mesh to engineer’s calculations; 1 day for the pour and a return visit of to remove the mould, finish and seal. Clever concrete; clever Lazenby! Concrete must cure so there is a time delay before the worktop can be used. All services are pre-installed before Lazenby arrives on site. Any insitu work is installed onto a Lazenby polished concrete floor. This project features polished concrete floors throughout. For more information about Lazenby’s exceptional decorative, visual concrete product range, innovation and master craftsmanship, please contact us today: 01935 700306 or see more of our insitu work online.